Saturday Weather Briefing: April showers to bring May flowers...and warmth?

Good Saturday morning, the weekend is here and mother nature is giving us a much needed break from the active weather that we experienced most of this work-week. For once, we can say with confidence that you can put the slickers and/or umbrella away.

Things are quiet early this morning, a stout trough is establishing itself across the Eastern US for the weekend. Northwest winds are bringing in a fresh air mass to our part of the world. As you can see on the water vapor image dry air is in place.




You can also see the clues of a cooler air mass with dewpoint temperatures, they are quite low across the Northern tier of the country compared to the moderate dewpoints in the southern tier of the nation.




This cooler air is not going to have a lot of impact on today’s weather…mostly sunny skies, light westerly winds and late April sun angle is a great recipe for warmth for today so get out and enjoy it! Temperatures for this afternoon will jump up into the low to mid 70’s but as you can see on this temperature image there is colder air moving in from the northwest.




That influence will be seen a lot more starting tonight and heading into Sunday. Clear skies and light winds tonight will set up perfect radiational cooling across the Western Carolinas. Temperatures early Sunday morning will be in the low 40’s, 30’s if you are heading toward the mountains. Sunday’s high’s will be shaved off by a good 5-8 degrees back into the 60’s to around 70. The same weather will linger into Monday as well with just a slight moderation.





As we get into Tuesday there are subtle features aloft that will be changing the weather pattern and by mid week, the Southeast is going to transition into a warm and dry regime just in time for the first week of May. Southwest winds aloft on Tuesday will pump warmer air back to the Carolinas, also notice a ridge axis beginning to form right overhead…




That evolves ultimately into the infamous Southeast Ridge by Thursday…so in other words, here comes the heat! A closed ridge aloft will center itself over the Deep South and will expand its reach. This pattern is really going to get that Bermuda Grass to activate itself and run after going through the entire month of April with a wildly variable pattern.




Temperatures for the midweek time-frame will be in the 80’s widespread and there may even be a touch of humidity at times…but not quite the muggies just yet! And with the change in the pattern, there will be little in the way of rain through Friday…





Have a great Saturday!

Daniel Crawley: @SoApps1979

Foothills Weather Network: @FHWxN