Tuesday Futurecast: Hybrid Wedge to provide brief reprieve from heat and humidity

Good Tuesday morning, a late-spring time wedge setup has taken over the Western Carolinas for today. A backdoor front overnight helped spawned a cluster of heavy rain showers and thunderstorms across the region. That system dumped anywhere from around a ½ inch of rain near Marion to over 1.5 inches across sections of Burke and Caldwell County. There was also a report of golf ball sized hail last night in Cleveland County. The storms last night were also very electrical.


That boundary has moved south of the region today and as you can see on the satellite image the Western Carolinas are socked in with clouds as northeast winds has wedged us in for the day…








10 am




1 pm




5 pm



With the exception of some mist/drizzle this morning, precipitation today is expected to be pretty much nil.