The Week Ahead 06/24/18

Good afternoon, Foothills Weather Nation!

This past Thursday we celebrated the first day of summer or summer solstice which is the longest day of the year! It's only getting shorter from here on out, but we won't be feeling the results of that for months to come. Summer is in full tilt as we look at our week ahead with pretty minimal changes and events.

Near Term Forecast (Sunday night-Monday)

The sun is gone and temperatures are steadily on the decline. We have a chance (40%) of thunderstorms going into the final hours of the weekend as a stationary front has set itself up across the Carolinas. Overnight low tonight will be right around 70 degrees for the region with a light westerly wind of 5 mph. Come Monday we will see a shift in the wind to a northeasterly flow, indicating veering (clockwise) vertical profiles and warm air advection. With a bounty of heat, humidity, and convective lifting we are likely to see a relatively weather active Monday with plenty of pop up thunderstorms, localized heavy rains and gusts, cloud to ground lightning, and potentially hail. Daily high for Monday is in the upper 80's. The majority of the precipitation event is expected after 5 pm. 

Short Term forecast (Tuesday-Thursday)

The aforementioned stationary front will begin to separate as early as Tuesday helping drop the daily high a smidge (mid 80's), but don't get too comfortable with that as Wednesday will be back up in the upper 80's. Tuesday and Wednesday is where we will see our first section of precipitation events for the week with plenty of opportunity for thunderstorms and heavy downpours. The bulk of these rain events will take place during the afternoon to evening hours as per summery protocol. Thursday has the opportunity to be on the drier side as a ridge begins to build over the region following the exit of the upper atmospheric trough that our stationary front has been associated with. Thursday conditions have a daily high in the mid 90's, southerly flow of around 5-10 mph, mostly sunny, and a nightly low in the ever consistent low 70's. 

Long Term Forecast (Friday-Sunday) Our dry spell will be short-lived as a flux of moisture will begin to ebb back into the region bringing fairly low chances of precipitation (30%) for the entirety of the weekend with higher likelihoods in the afternoon and pm hours. Highs look to stay in the mid 90's with mostly sunny am conditions with partly cloudy conditions in the afternoons. 

Thanks for reading!