Friday afternoon briefing: Heat returns for the weekend and 4th of July Week

Good Friday afternoon…the weekend is upon us! Remember the old saying that it’s going to be “Hotter than the 4th of July?” Well, the timing looks to be pretty good in that high pressure is settling in across the Eastern US for the weekend and going into the holiday week.


Looking at the water vapor this afternoon, we have high pressure in the mid levels located squarely across the Carolinas. That is a distinct change from the active northwest flow that has dominated our weather for most of this week. The change is underway and will continue through the future. Skies are mostly sunny today with 90’s abound.




High pressure through the weekend will translate north and center itself over Pennsylvania and then by next week expand itself to encompass most locations east of the Mississippi River. This will result in hot and dry weather under the high pressure with moisture streaming around the periphery. Storm chances are going to be slim through the next several days but the atmosphere may not be totally capped, so therefor any stray storm has the chance to be pretty stout given the surface heating and low level moisture in place.




Here's a look at precip expected across the Eastern US through next seven days, as you can see the most moisture will lie along the Gulf Coast.




Low and mid 90's are expected through the entire forecast period with the early part of next week being the worst of the heat and careful if you have outdoor plans next week. Remain hydrated and take frequent breaks to get out of the heat.