The Week Ahead: Your Fourth Of July Week Forecast

Good evening, Foothills Weather Nation! We are closing up the end of our first weekend of July and looking onward to the holiday week of the 4th. I'm sure that many of you who look forward to the festivities are wondering what the forecast might be, so let's dive into that now.

Near Term (Tonight-Monday)

We are on the decline of temperatures now that our sun has gone away, which can be quite the relief as we have been greeted by summer's traditional humid and hot presence. Likewise we have had a pop of nature's light show as a few showers rolled through the area earlier. Tonight's conditions will be a light southwesterly wind outside of any travelling overnight storms, partly cloudy conditions, and a nightly low in the low 70's. Monday will start off with some patchy fog that will be clear by 10am. Expect Monday day conditions to be mostly cloudy with a high hovering near 90 degrees and light winds from the south at around 5 mph. Chance of thunderstorms for Monday are relatively low with a 20% chance.

Short Term Forecast (Tuesday-Thursday)

Tuesday we seem to have a slight hiccup in precipitable water, which will allow for our daily high to be slightly warmer into the low 90's as well as mostly cloudy conditions, but will likewise cause for more afternoon convection and a higher chance of precipitation (30%) for the calendar day. Wednesday, the 4th of July we see that precipitable water starts to bulk back up the further into the day we go. This isn't particularly helpful for evening festivities and fireworks, but we can't say to not expect a firework show until we get to the night of. It's possible we'll get lucky! Conditions pardon the precipitation risks (50%) are otherwise quite pleasant with a northeasterly flow, daily high in the upper 80's, partly cloudy conditions, and a nightly low hovering just at 70 degrees. Thursday has an even heavier look of precipitable water and a 50% chance of rain for the calendar day with a mirroring temperature setup as Wednesday. It's safe to bet that when and where it will rain on Thursday will likely get pretty heavy downpours with a likelihood of cloud to ground lightning and gusty winds. 

Long Term Forecast (Friday-Sunday)

Friday and Saturday will be our big repeat days for the week where we can expect partly cloudy conditions, precipitation probabilities (50%), easterly winds, daily highs in the upper 80's, and diurnal lows hovering at 70 degrees. Sunday looks like we could see a quite noticeable break in humidity as a dry, cool airmass clips us from the north. Expect mostly sunny conditions, a daily high in the mid 80's, and east northeasterly flow.

Thanks for reading. Have a great week!