Warmer Day On Tap As Tropical Storm Chris Sits Off Coast.

5:00am Tuesday July 10, 2018

Chief Meteorologist Chris White


Goo Tuesday Morning. I hope your work week is off to a great start. This will be a short weather briefing as there isn’t a ton to talk about. Temps as you head out the door his morning are running 3-6 degrees above what they were Monday Morning. Most areas are in the low 60’s. Up on the Easter slopes temps are in the mid and upper 50’s. A bit of a muggy feel returning to the air as well. Today temps will climb quickly and reach up to around 90° for a high temperature. Along the Hwy 74 Cooridor though low 90’s are likely. We are going to keep rain chances out of the forecast today. So be sure you water those gardens early this morning or late this evening after the sun gets off them.  You will notice some high cirrus clouds today as well. Those could make for a spactacular sunset tonight.

Overnight temps fall back into the mid and upper 60’s under mostly clear skies.  Tropical Storm Chris will finally lift off to the Northeast away from the coastline but will likely become the second hurricane of the season as it does so. The only impacts to the coast will be the rip currents and bigger waves.

Wednesday will have a few more clouds around than what we see today but those won’t be a huge deal.   Tropical Cyclone Chris will continue it’s Northeast movement and likely will end any impacts to the east coast by Wednesday Evening. High temps for Wednesday will be in the low 90’s.

Thursday will be our biggest impactful weather day this week. A cold front will move I to the area accompanied by a little piece of energy as well. As this front crosses the area scattered thunderstorms will develop and move South. There should be enough instability and steepening lapse rates aloft to prose atleast a marginal risk for isolated microbursts. There is also a very minuscule threat of localized flash flooding if those storms move repeatedly over the same areas. High temps will be held down a tad on Thursday, only reaching the upper 80’s. 

After Thursday the weekend looks to be the typical summer pattern. A few scattered storms that are short lived each afternoon and temps in the low 90’s. The next front and higher chance of rain return by Monday.

We will keep our eyes on the remnants of Beryl. Beryl has been downgraded to a disturbance after briefly becoming a hurricane over the weekend. Those remnants move into more favorable atmospheric conditions and warmer waters on Monday. No impact threats yet, just something to watch.

Have a great Tuesday!!!