Friday afternoon briefing: Mild weekend in store as we transition to more active pattern next week

Good Friday afternoon, the weekend is right on our doorstep…we have a brief relaxation of the summer heat thanks in part to high pressure to our north helping drop a backdoor frontal boundary just to our south. Northeast winds have wedged down the eastern slopes of the Appalachians providing a cooler Friday for the region.






As you can see it is definitely cooler across the Carolinas and into Georgia along this wedge configuration but as you drop further south and west away from the influence of the cool air damming, summer heat and humidity remains across the Gulf Coast Region, Mid South and into Florida.






This easterly flow will last through the rest of today and linger into Saturday, we do still carry isolated storm chances through the weekend but overall the action will be limited. High temps will be in the mid to upper 80’s on average, a few degrees below mid July norms…









Once we get to Sunday, high pressure will be exiting off the Carolina coastline meaning a southeast fetch off the Atlantic will begin to materialize. It should have a major impact on the Sunday afternoon weather but there could be some degree of upslope flow developing by Sunday night. This will all lead into a more active weather pattern for Monday as we will have deep moisture and a trigger to help initiate storm activity.






Daniel Crawley (Twitter: @SoApps1979)

Foothills Weather Network  (Twitter: @FHWxN)