The Week Ahead: I spy with my one good eye... drier skies?

Good evening, Foothills Weather Nation! As the headline suggests, we are going to see a change of pace in this week's forecast. We have three parts to our weather forecast this week: summer-y rains, cold frontal passage followed by abrupt dryness, and a gentle build towards summery temperatures and humidity with a surface high off the coast. 

Let's get to it.

Short Term Forecast (Sunday-Tuesday)

We are now on the downswing of temperatures as the sun sets. Expect mostly cloudy skies, 70% chance of thunderstorms and rain until 11 pm, dropping down to 30% overnight, and a diurnal low right around the 70 degree mark. Monday is where the bulk of the rain event will take place due to an upper low pressure dropping into the Missouri River Valley and driving eastward. This provides the moisture and energy needed for a fairly robust rainy day with the typical summertime thunderstorms. Expect a daily high in the upper 80's, total rainfall accumulation for the day at around half an inch, potentially higher in localized areas. Tuesday is when this upper low pressure begins to weaken, but the resulting trough brings increasingly drier conditions. Tuesday still has a 40% chance of precipitation in the earlier part to the day, but this should finish up by the end of the day. Diurnal high for Tuesday is in the mid 80's with mostly cloudy conditions.

Mid Term Forecast (Wednesday - Friday)

As the trough settles over the region a jet of cooler, much drier air will pull down from Canada and give us little whispers of summer weakening. For Wednesday-Friday expect daily highs in the low 80's, nightly lows in the mid to low 60's, mostly sunny skies, and north-northeasterly winds of around 5-10 mph. There is no precipitation to report of for this time! :)

Long term forecast (Saturday and Sunday)

By Saturday our trough will be long gone with a light surface high building off the southeast coast. With the gradual build of the surface high our precipitable water will make a slow reprise, but will present minimal energy for rain events similar to the start of the week. Saturday and Sunday prompts the seasonal August daily temperatures in the mid to upper 80's, 30% chance of precipitation, and plenty of humidity. 

Thanks for reading.