The Week Ahead: Summer Strikes Back

Good afternoon, Foothills Weather Nation! We hope you have had a pleasant weekend so far.

As the title suggests, our cool spell has subsided for now as our week ahead brings back the heat and humidity. Expect temperatures back into the 90's, relative humidity around 65% during the day, mostly sunny for the start of the week with gradual increase of cloud coverage towards the end, as well as precipitation probabilities peaking up near the weekend. There are only two main weather features, so we will break up the forecast as such.

Let's get to it.

Short Term Forecast (Sunday-Wednesday)

An upper ridge centered over the Southeastern US dominates the earlier week's forecast. What does this mean for us? Reprise of the heat with a gradual increase of precipitable water as the week goes along. Expect daily high temperatures in the upper 80's, lower 90's with the nightly lows in the low 70's during this time period. Overall, there isn't enough energy in this time frame to create anything more than a pop-up tiny shower. Wind direction will be mainly mild (5-10 mph) and westerly.

Long Term Forecast (Thursday-Sunday)

Precipitable water will be heaviest most during this time in conjunction with an increase of shear within a progressing baroclinic zone associated with a cold front that will stay north of the Carolinas. To cut through the jargon, we will have more water and more energy to make thunderstorms during this time frame of the forecast with a stronger focus for Saturday and Sunday. From Thursday to Sunday expect a gradual increase in cloud coverage, chance of thunderstorms 40-60% respectively, temperatures in the upper 80's for the diurnal high, lower 70's for the nightly low. 

Have a wonderful week!