The Week Ahead: Humidity ensues

Good morning, Foothills Weather Nation!

As the title suggests we are not yet out of the rainy woods, but we are closer to sunnier skies. A brief synopsis of the week ahead is warmer than it's been lately (low 90's), humid, partly sunny skies, and rain probabilities hovering around 30-40% daily for the full length of the week. 

Let's get into the details:

Near Term Forecast (Sunday)

Patchy fog hides in the creases of valleys and low lying areas this morning, but should be gone by 10 am. Today seems to be the least likely for big thunderstorms with the maximum precipitation probability we're seeing is 20%, but that doesn't mean a determined thunderstorm couldn't sneak in around the later afternoon hours into the early evening. Diurnal high for today should hover just at or under 90 degrees with mostly sunny skies and calm wind conditions.

Short Term Forecast (Monday-Thursday)

Monday though Thursday will all be of similar forecast as we can expect partly sunny skies, temperatures hovering around 90 degrees, precipitation probabilities of 30-40% with a chance evening thunderstorms, and overnight lows near 70 degrees. The reason for the lack of change in forecast during this time is that our atmospheric profile is in a summery pattern with a high pressure center holding strong over the western Georgia, central Alabama region. This is advecting a reasonable amount of moisture, but isn't providing the energy that would match troughs and fronts. All thunderstorms in this time should be diurnally convective in nature.

Long Term Forecast (Friday-Saturday)

The weekend shows promise of a slight dip in temperature (mid-upper 80's) and currently a slight dip in precipitation probabilities (30%), but this is likely to change as our high pressure center wobbles. 


Thanks for reading!

Have a great week!