Wednesday Futurecast: Strong Storms possible later today...

Warm, humid and a generally uncapped atmosphere resides across a good part of the Eastern US including here in the Carolinas. The combination of that along with surface heating and leftover outflow boundary will result in a somewhat active weather day…






The Storm Prediction Center has placed a broad Marginal Risk (Level 1 of 5) for severe weather today across most of the Upper Southeast and into the Mid Atlantic. That does include the Foothills and Western Piedmont in North Carolina. The big threats from today’s storms are damaging winds and heavy rainfall. The microburst winds will occur in localized areas as storms begin to collapse. The outflows from collapsing storms will help to spawn additional activity around its periphery….

Storm activity will begin in the early afternoon and will increase through the late afternoon to early evening hours before tapering off after sunset.










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