50/50 Weather Weekend: Enjoy the sun today, clouds will increase leading to less then stellar Sunday

Submitted by: Daniel Crawley

Good Saturday afternoon to everyone, we have a 50/50 weekend on tap across the Western Carolinas…



Looking at the surface features this afternoon you can see a lot of what’s going on a regional scale. The boundary that brought showers and thunderstorms for most of this week has slid to our south into the South Carolina Low Country and back to the southwest to the Gulf Coast Region. At the jet stream level southwest flow remains in place and high clouds from that will filter through the region over the next 24-48 hours.


At the surface across North Carolina, being north of the frontal boundary light winds are in place at this time and the left over surface moisture is not being scoured out. That has a lot to do with the mix of sun and clouds across the region today…there just is no feature out there to completely dry out the atmosphere…







As we get into tonight, change will be taking place, high pressure is sliding across the Upper Midwest and will be centered over Western Pennsylvania by late tonight. This is going to shift winds at the surface from variable to more of a northeast flow…and if you have lived in this part of the world for any time, northeast winds usually yields an increase in clouds and moisture. And sure enough after sunset tonight expect a pretty quick increase in clouds locally.







By tomorrow morning, northeast flow will be dominant across the Carolinas, this is going to result in a cooler and cloudy Sunday with some light precipitation (drizzle) in upslope locations. Daytime temperatures will remain in the 70’s all day tomorrow, probably going to be one of those days to remain inside and get those house chores done…