Winter holding strong!

Good Thursday everyone! 

The sun has finally appeared!! Today we should see mostly sunny skies over the area and the temperatures will respond to that. Today most areas outside of the mountains should see temperatures rise into the mid to upper 50's. Tonight will be pretty chilly under clear skies lows will be in the mid to upper 20's. 

Friday will see another nice day, a few more clouds will be visible and wind shift will allow temperatures to rise a few more degrees. Friday night clouds should increase allow temperatures to be few degrees warmer than Thursday night. 

Weekend Outlook: 

Saturday we are watching a storm system move into the area, and it looks to be a complicated forecast. What's new right? 

A Miller B type system will venture into the area.



High pressure over the Northeast will allow cold air to ooze into the area, giving us a P Type issues. Where does the high pressure set up shop? How wedged in will the area be? How much precipitation will we get? What type of Precipitation rates will we get?  That all will lead to what type of weather our area will see. 

By early Saturday Morning wintry precipitation could start to spread across the Interstate 40 corridor counties (McDowell, Burke, Caldwell, Catawba, Alexander Counties) this could start out as snow.


As we get into the day on Saturday, things get complicated. We know that we are going to be dealing with a Cold Air Daming event. Which for our area keeps us quite chilly. But with it being late March, the high sun angle normally leads to warming. So which one wins out? The models are showing we warm up at the surface but also aloft as a warm nose builds into the area.



The Warm nose is a section of the atmosphere that is above freezing allowing snow flakes to melt. Now does that refreeze into a sleet pellet or freezing rain? or does it remain rain? Something we are going to watch. 

Saturday Night into Sunday we remain in that battleground especially along the Interstate 40 corridor between wintry precipitation and just liquid rain. 



By Sunday afternoon we should see the system start go move out of the area, leaving behind some scattered showers. One thing that will remain will be the cold temperatures. The GFS model keeps us around freezing, as the Euro model shows us warming into the upper 30's by Sunday afternoon. 


Looking towards next week, we may finally start to warm up a bit! 


Yup that is some 70's possible next week! 


Have a wonderful day! 


Scotty Powell


Twitter: @ScottyPowell_WX