Change is Coming!

Good Thursday everyone. I hope that you've had a good week. 

I know over the past several weeks many folks have been asking for cooler weather, and even some asking for rain. It looks like those wishes may be coming true. 

Today is start of changing with cloudy conditions and on and off showers dotting the area. We have a stalled cold front that is allowing southeasterly flow bring enough lift to create showers over portions of the foothills and piedmont areas. 

Starting Friday we will see high pressure slide of the coast of the Carolinas bring us a more southerly flow. High Pressure will also retreat to the Southwest over Texas giving us another southerly to southwesterly flow bringing ample moisture into the Southeast. Shower and storm chances ramp up late Friday and maintain over the weekend into next week. 


We will have to watch a system on Saturday that could present a chance at some strong to severe thunderstorms. The Storm Prediction Center has already issued a Marginal Risk of severe weather for Saturday. 



As we look through the weekend into next week this moist pattern continues giving us ample chances at seeing Afternoon and Evening Showers and Storms. We could see the rain accumulate over the Escarpment of the Mountains. Both Euro and GFS models show anywhere between 3-7" of rain through next week. Some locations could certainly see more. 

 Euro Model for next 7 days. 

Euro Model for next 7 days. 

 GFS Model over next 7 days. 

GFS Model over next 7 days. 

Flash Flood Concerns will grow as these cells traverse over the same areas. So we could see some flooding concerns. 


Temperatures will remain slightly below normal as well. 


We will continue to monitor the situation and update as needed. 


Scotty Powell 


Twitter: @ScottyPowell_WX